Body Inflation Pics - Page 10


King Koo Koo. His capacity to inflate and grow is directly proportionate to the mean-spirited gags suffered by others. Maybe the weirdest example of body inflation ever animated. His expansion is random and temporary because of his bi-polar nature: Sadistic delight or grouchy self-pity.


6os TV show villain Hurricane Harry. Capable of blowing buildings down with his hurricane breath. Pen and ink.


Popeye gets revenge on Bluto for faking a nervous breakdown and lounging in a hospital. The best part is, I didn't have to make this up. MS PAINT over pen and pencil.


Before there was Violet Beauregarde, there was Moe Howard--maybe the first live actor in film to depict turning into a balloon. "Dizzy Pilots" has Moe and the other numbskulls trying to build an airplane. Their inconsiderate antics soon get Moe into a tub of quick-sealing rubber. Of course he thinks inflating his stiffening clothes with Hydrogen gas will solve everything. Before he can be sliced out of the rubber, he takes off through an open skylight and doesn't get far before being shot down. (Hydrogen doesn't react well to hot lead).


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