Body Inflation Pics - Page 9


She inflated


A little thumbnail that made it all the way to a finished MS Paint piece. I tried hard to keep the expression from the pen and ink version from disappearing.


From Police Comics #17, published in 1943.

Plastic Man and Woozy are chasing a murderer in a cooky mansion. The killer traps Plastic Man's head in a vaccuum cleaner and puts it in reverse. Plastic Man's inherent stretching power allows him to inflate to a massive size by the time Woozy catches up with him. (The next page has Woozy and Plastic Man rescued by a stranger in the dark. No further inflation scenes are shown.)

As a reader of the Plastic Man comics that proceeded this one, I think I can say this is the first time Plastic Man was inflated.



smoke inflation, doing my bit to be p.c in public areas lol.


Not an exact copy of Tomi Ungerer's sketchy illustrations for the first classic printing of "Flat Stanely", but close. Ungerer has the hose for the bicycle pump twice as long as what I drew--which is damned long for such a thing. First published in 1964, Flat Stanley has undergone a revival with revised art which I absolutely reject in favor of the old style. As the story goes, Stanley Lambchop is a normal boy who is flattened overnight when a heavy bulletin board falls on him. He adjusts to his new shape and becomes a celebrity and a hero, but eventually tires of being paper thin and one night his younger brother Arthur digs out a bicycle pump and restores him with some forceful pumping. Stanley's pajama buttons burst off and it looks like he won't quite return to normal because of a foot with poor circulation, but at last, the stubborn foot takes on air and Stanley is a normal boy again.