Couples' Eclipse

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They stood outside in a field, she in a blue and aqua diving suit and he in a button-up shirt and jeans, both barefoot.

"On the count of three," she said, "we both breathe in as hard as we can."

He nodded. "Okay.  I'm ready."




Their mouths opened wide as they sucked in air, and immediately their stomachs billowed out, buttons popping off of his shirt.  Both their backsides grew larger and rounder, their thighs thickening and giving them pear shapes.  This lasted for but a moment until the air filled their upper torsos, his pecs and her breasts swelling and rising up before their forearms grew wider.  The curves of their bodies smoothed as they widened, limbs turning to stiff cones before rounding out to low domes, and his shirt tore apart and fell away as they became round parodies of the human form, as wide as they were formerly tall.

They continued to pull in gas, watching the other as they grew higher and rounder.  Within seconds they were the size of weather balloons, bellies approaching each other as the feet shot by.  They were three stories high, then four; their bodies touched, and they both smiled inwardly as they began to press against the other, their growth forcing them apart.

Despite the isolation of the field, their rapidly inflating bodies began to draw attention.  The first ones to spot them were other travelers on the road nearby, not expecting to see two blimps as they drove past.  The sharper ones among them, however, noticed that one of the blimps had two unmistakable bulges on the top and the other was partially and uncannily flesh-toned.  All, however, realized that they were visibly and rapidly growing.

For their part they cared little who saw them, only focused on getting bigger.  The horizons of their bodies grew further as their vision rose higher, the only point of reference the other's head as they became more distant.  From deep within them came a low, sibilant hissing that grew in volume with their own volumes, now too large to be any man-made balloon.  Their still-increasing sizes and movement caused by their pressing against the other meant that, inevitably, many in the nearby city spotted the two bodies in the distance, larger than even the tallest building.

Unconcerned with the state of the world around them the couple pushed their bodies ever wider, their rounded undersides bowling over trees and flattening whatever buildings were unlucky enough to be in their path.  Their heads were soon among the clouds, bodies casting long shadows and letting out deep hissing that was ominously audible from a ways away.  People could only watch in awe and fear as the gas-filled mountains grew to miles in height, few if any aware that they were humans stretched to absurd degrees.

As the curve of the blue and aqua one began to loom ominously over the city, threatening to crush it should it grow any further, the two began to rock and sway and, just as mysteriously as they appeared, they slowly lifted into the air, drifting through the atmosphere in defiance of their titanic size.


From far above he looked down at the Earth, spotting his shadow against the terrain, and hers.  He slowly rotated, flapping his hands and feet more as a placebo than to aid his movement, watching as the texture of her overstretched diving suit moved past before finding her head.  Each bumped into the other, foreheads touching painlessly before floating back about two feet, laughing at their awkwardness.

"It's nice up here," she said.

"Yeah," he replied. "It's quiet.  The view is good, too."

She nodded, smiling. "We should do this again some time."

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