How big is 'too big?'

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How big is 'too big?'

Increased size is one of the fundamental components of any inflation fetish. Inflation, by its very nature, revolves around the idea of an individual (or group of individuals) being expanded to progressively greater and greater proportions, be it through air, water, or some other means. The very act of getting bigger is what the fetish is based on, part of what gives it its appeal. However, I don't think it is too presumptuous of me to say that there is, for all of us, a certain point at which the size of the inflating subject passes beyond the limits of what we find appealing, and ceases to have an effect. Naturally, this 'cut-off point' is different for each of us, as evidenced by the sheer variety of sizes featured in inflation images, stories and other media. In some cases, the subject only expands as large as a beach ball; in others, they blow up as large as a house or, in the most extreme cases, a planet, before they finally stop.

So here is my question to you. How big, in your opinion, is 'too big'? At what point does the size of the inflating subject cease to be appealing to you? I'm just curious to see what people think.

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To me the size of a house through a planet turn my interest off


I'd say a house and beyond looses it for me also.

I think the best max size is Funkyjrtb's berrybi2.

Or link

However there have been a few planet sized inflations that kept me interested. One was from Mr. Oma's Sara Sketchy Inflation. What kept it good for me was Sara's super stretchy panties, shirt, and bra. Mmm.

But Funkjrtb's pic is the best size in my opinion or somewhere around there.

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in my opnion, when the get too big to cuddle with, at around 7 feet, that's kidna reaching it for me, hhe, there's only so much you can do with a girl who's a 20 foot ball, but eh :) just my opnion :-D


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I think it depends most on the style of inflation being used.

With partial-body inflations, like belly & breasts, you have a limit before the character just starts looking ridiculous attached to a massive body part, but the actual limit seems to vary with the artist's style... but when it comes to the belly, I think the limit tends to start around the time the belly starts touching the ground.

With full-body inflations, you have more room... but in styles where the torso inflates and hands, feet and head don't grow you eventually get to a point where they're just too tiny compared to the rest of the body... the exact point is hard to define.

If it's a style where all the body parts stay more or less proportional, then I feel it's pretty unconstrained, though the specific situation still matters. Looking up at a 500-mile expanse of skin filling the sky above you is not much different from a 1000-mile expanse of skin, but it might be much different from the inflatee's perspective. Still, once you're the largest object in the solar system, there tends not to be a whole lot you can actually *do.* ^^;


Become the largest object in the universe? lol

For me, since it is shape and not size that does it for me. The maximum point is where the inflatee reaches spherical (I have only drawn this once before here... Pumping For Shits and Giggles 4 ) After that, further inflation only makes the sphere bigger, and while I might like to see the girl inflate slightly as a sphere, just for that last moment of her as an expanding/pulsating ball; it doesn't change the shape, it just makes her head, hands and feet smaller in comparison... which actually takes away some of the effect for me.

So as far as I am concerned, you can't go any bigger than the moment she becomes spherical, because then the shape stops changing. :)


What is this... "too big" you speak off? :D
Seriously, Rathani and Carnatic have good points. Based on shapes and styles, there is a limit where the inflation dosen't make much sense other than just say the target grows bigger.

But to me, planet sized is still too small... XD


If they lose their feminine shape then they are too big. However, if they were to retain their curves throughout the size gamut, then it'd be fine to become massive. If they start to look like a giant ball....too big for me.


I think too big is when they survive to far past popping point :D



I can't really put my finger on what point a size becomes too big. It varies on the style or presentation of it really. But one thing I don't like with massive sizes (I'm talking breaking skeleton anatomy size here), is when the clothing grows along with the inflatee.

No disrespect meant towards anyone who does happen to like that sort of thing. And I understand that clothes stay on for censorship reasons.


Well, for clothing, yeah, its most for censorship (a lot of artists dosent even like nudity)
And if you wanna say that the clothes shouldnt stretch so much, remember most times the inflatee shouldnt inflate in real life too... XD
But yeah, bursting clothes is aways a lot of fun.

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I have written stories involving both hugely-inflated and more reasonably-sized women, so it really depends on the mood I'm in, I guess.

And yes, presentation has a lot to do with it.

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Vejita and Dragon make good points that I can sum up with one unifying phrase: The point at which human interaction is lost. I still want a human female form, exaggerated, but when you get into room-filling sizes with spherical shapes, yeah, you've lost me too.

Or to put it another way, I like inflated women more than I like balloons with female features.

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well, obviously i have no problem with spheres. I also have no problem with the hourglass. The point of "Too Big" is when the inflation starts reaching laughable sizes.

Example: I like the inflation of the new blueberry scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but i thought the end size was way to big. I like to keep my spheres to the point where the diameter is right at the wrists and ankles, so it's more like a ball around the inner more skeleton.

The "too big" point for the hourglass is just when you look at it, and there is no body left, just boobs and ass. I like to see some waist.

And on the topic of cloths bursting, there are certain inflations when to make it believable that it's happening, the cloths have got to get tight and rip and stuff. But, then there's the "magical" type, where something of greater force makes the inflation happen, and then I find it acceptable (sort like in KSMKTV).

enough of my typing.


I start losing interest when the inflation goes beyond the subject's skeletal frame.


Once the subject is totaly spherical it's really all the same to me, just the difference between a circle with a head and a circle with a slightly smaller head.

No offence meant if that's anyone's particular thing, it's just not mine.

This is a good example of the maximum size that is still appealing to me:


Personally I lose a little interest if anything is to go beyond:

But it sometimes depends on my mood :)

(Thats a wonderful webpage for any Plump Furry lovers like myself - enjoy!)


Actually, I have yet to find an image of inflation that is too big for me, having seen larger than planet size and still liking it. But, if the areas being inflated lose their sensitivity, then it doesn't work for me.


Actually, I have yet to find an image of inflation that is too big for me, having seen larger than planet size and still liking it. But, if the areas being inflated lose their sensitivity, then it doesn't work for me.


to me i haven't found my limit yet,every time i seem to find a new way to become even fatter,i guess the limit to me is how much i can handle,or until i go booom.

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For me personally there isn't a limit on size persay. There are times where the person get's so big it's like, what is a few more feet going to do, but since I intend to do duels between people battling for size, a few feet there can make a difference.


Just how big is too big? That's a hard question. I prefer the inflatee to become spherical, with their head, hands and feet the only discernable features protruding. Pumped up enough where those features are slightly recessed. Johnny Swells "TerriBlimp" is a good example. She could get larger of course!

DwarfPriest wrote:

But to me, planet sized is still too small... XD

HAHA!!! I agree fully. There's no limit to the size, man. There's no such sich thing as 'enough'. what happens when you get big? You get bigger (or pop)


I recently wrote a journal entry on my DeviantArt page about the subject of size in inflation. It might be interesting to people who are following this thread.

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Parade balloon size is just per-fect!

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never got to a point where its too big.. i guess popping is too big.. but thats the best part! :oops:


<.< >.> Personally, I don't see a point where 'too big' is a problem. I guess if the inflatee just ends up getting bigger and bigger, with no limit(which I've found in a couple stories), then of course we have a problem. As long as there's a critical point to look forward to...and as long as there's no pain involved. o.o""

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I dont mind "pain", cuz I dont like it when the inflatee likes it. If the person has no negative outlook towards the transformation, it doesnt make any sense *to me*. The fact that its something strange and unwanted is a big part of it to me. The specifics of why is the fetish inflation, is a bit more complicated. If they pop, they dont really "die". I mean they do, but the infatuation isnt on the girl dying, but in a conclusion. And what better way to conclude one's mischievous ways than to pop the inflatee? >:) Of course, letting them to float is a good conclusion too.

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i wanna have a contest with someone where we both inflate and see who can inflate more.

i shall walk this way once for i shall never walk this way again-the unknown poet


Hey Tenshu.

Inflationation called.

They want you back.

Bye, bye!

I love inflation
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Alexis Styles

I love inflation
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Alexis Styles


A sphere that's still recognizable as having been a human--not planet sized, though for some story themes I have used vaguely human-shaped parade-balloon sized inflation. Swollen human is fine with me. For my Spa/Ski Lodge stories, massively but still realistically pneumatically swollen humans is the norm.

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In fantasy/rp - Over city size is just boring... And Really turn me off 


In real life if human body could grow big...Hmmm house ssize. Becouse even bigger and army, navy or air force could use you as living target :/ 


It's amazing this thread lives for 10 years, long live the thread!


For me the main question is not "how big is too big" but "how full is too full"

It opens more amazing possibilities than size measurement - like

 - how full are you when you start inflating?

 - how full are you when you can't conceal inflation in clothes?

 - how full are you when you stop resembling curvy person and start looking really inflating - and is there this special "inflated" look or the person just looks stuffed with pillows or obese?

 - how full are you when you become a balloon or a berry so full of juice?

 - how full is too full?

Every picture and every story answers these questions in their own awesome ways.

For example, in AlecDeluxe stories "she became a sphere" and then there's a whole page of text more before it's too much

Or in ATG stories where people can inflate for quite a while still looking like people, only nicely rounded

Or as Dizzy puts it "her stomach suddenly puffed as if she was pregnant with quadruplets" - and inflation starts from there

I like it all, so I try to put all in one fantasy - but I certainly have personal favs like anyone else


How full is too full? ^_^

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Anything that would distort the skelatal structure is to far. Like if the subject started at 5ft tall, and when the infaltion was done they end up the size of a building from head to toe.  The subject's skeloton would need to streach to acomodate that.

However, if the subject remains say 5ft tall, and like just the belly and/or breasts inflates to the size of a building, I'm good with that.


when i was a teenager, i imagined bones inflate first.

imagine a long high-pressure balloon instead of a bone. It will still have all muscles attached in original places, but you'll have to move slower so that balloons don't bend. And at times you have to stop so that they straighten up again. That's how i imagined why bigger people waddle and make stops. I thought they have difficulty walking because it's not easy to move their balloons. And when they inflated further - fat turned to gas making them nicely rounded. And finally when muscles started to inflate they would start losing mobility.

However, a couple years ago I learnt to draw and tried to draw that. I quickly found that it produces big but not rounded shape - wider, but not shapely. You'd become as wide as you're tall while retaining your shape, without growing curves. Besides, you'd look more mighty than helpless.


Huge spheres on an otherwise normal body are more attractive - and the norm in inflation art. Those huuuge perfect spheres would have been produced if only fat would inflate and nothing else. So - currently i prefer to imagine that ^_^

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It's all personal preference. I personally have no size limits. Like none at all. There's no such thing as to big to me. But I tend to be the odd man out in that thought.

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As big as a house or a hot-air-balloon is about the cut-off point for me, personally.  Any bigger than that, and I find my sense of scale and space begins to get distorted.  Plus, as several people have already mentioned, the ability to interact with the inflatee, or their ability to interact with their audience, begins to break down beyond a certain point, which ruins the fantasy for me.

I enjoy being goaded into blowing myself until I'm so huge I burst, but if I can't see the person who's egging me on, and they can't see my face, then the emotional connection/chemistry between us is lost, and the whole process becomes purely mechanical and bland.


For me, like others have said, it depends on what body part. I agree with general consensus that a body part attached to a body looks ridiculous. But it depends on the contents. If it's stuffing, slobbish immobility turns me away, while any inflated belly can go as far as 7-8 ft. Full body stops its appeal  past 13-15 ft.

Or just ignore me, that's fine.

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on a more srs note, I gotta admit, Wynonna hit the nail on the head. I like my anatomy to be as good as it can be, No stretchy skeletons. 

Skeletons are too pure to be involved in kinky business like this.

Man, This party sucks. I fucking hate these people.